How do I stay informed during emergencies and get emergency notifications?Registering for the Command Desktop Notification System (CDNS) is the best way to receive command emergency notifications. CDNS provides simultaneous emergency notifications to government computers, home, work, and mobile telephones and email.

Register for CDNS here. Complete the form and email to CFAY-CDNS@fe.navy.mil.

Emergency information will also be updated as it becomes available on the Fleet Activities Yokosuka Facebook page, the Base Information Channel on AFN channel 28, the Weather Channel on AFN channel 16, and AFN radio Eagle 810 AM.

How do I prepare for emergencies?
The Emergency Management page on Fleet Activities Yokosuka’s website provides information on how to prepare for emergencies. More information can also be found on Seahawk-Umitaka’s post “How to Get Ready for an Emergency.”

Where can I find employment resources?
Fleet and Family Support Center’s (FFSC) Family Employment Readiness Program supports job seekers with workshops such as resume writing, federal employment, starting a home business, teaching English in Japan and modeling in Japan. Federal employment opportunities can be found online at USAJobs and Navy MWR. Further employment information can be found in FFSC’s Welcome Aboard Package.

How can I submit a complaint, suggestion or compliment about a product or service on base?
Please feel free to submit your feedback through the Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) website. ICE allows DoD customers to rate products and services provided by DoD offices and facilities worldwide. Your comment card ratings are used to improve the products and services available to you.

Where can I find the base phone directory?
The Far East base phone directory can be found here. The base operator can also provide phone numbers by dialing 113 from a DSN line or 046-816-1110 from off base or cellphone.

How do I dial a DSN number from a commercial phone?

Local Area Direct Dial/Mobile Access
Yokosuka (243 Prefix) 046-816-XXXX
Yokosuka (241 Prefix) 046-896-XXXX
Ikego (246 Prefix) 046-806-XXXX
Direct Phone Calls from the U.S.
Yokosuka (243 Prefix) 011-81-046-816-XXXX
Yokosuka (241 Prefix) 011-81-046-896-XXXX
Ikego (246 Prefix) 011-81-046-806-XXXX

(XXXX- The last 4 digits of the phone number being called)

Where can I find the base shuttle schedule?
The shuttle schedules for main base, Ikego, Narita Airport, and Yokota AMC can be found in FFSC’s Welcome Aboard Package on pages 33-35.

How can I contact Pets Are Worth Saving (PAWS)?
You can find contact information for PAWS here.

What are some community information sources that I should follow?
Please find some helpful community information sources below:

Where can I get passport photos?
Passport photos are available at the photo booth inside Personnel Support Detachment (PSD) Bldg. 1555.

I’m new to Yokosuka, how do I get a command sponsor?
Please find more information on obtaining our Welcome Aboard page.