USCS Vacancies from CNRJ HRO

Looking for a job? For currently open Department of the Navy (DON) civilian vacancies throughout the Far East:

DON is now recruiting for all overseas civilian appropriated fund positions exclusively through the USAJOBS automated processes. Applicants are strongly encouraged to take the following steps if they anticipate applying for overseas positions:

  • Establish a USAJOBS account at as soon as possible, if you do not already have one.
  • Familiarize yourself with essential information, such as how to apply for a job (go to, and click on the Help tab).
  • Establish job alerts, if you are seeking employment in specific position or duty locations.
  • Make sure you have an updated electronic resume.
  • Ensure supplemental documents (e.g. Sponsor’s Travel Orders) you normally submit with your resume are electronic, so they can be uploaded to USAJOBS when applying for a position.

For additional questions on applying for DON civilian positions in overseas areas, contact the Employment Information Center at


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