Ikego Focus Group Update


ZUSHI CITY, Japan (Feb. 22, 2017) – Community members and service providers gather at a FLEACT Yokosuka Ikego Detachment focus group meeting to address concerns and update residents on community resources. FLEACT Yokosuka provides, maintains, and operates base facilities and services in support of 7th Fleet’s forward-deployed naval forces, 83 tenant commands, and 24,000 military and civilian personnel. (Photo by Kristina Mullis/170221-N-LV456-001 Released by FLEACT Yokosuka Public Affairs Office)

By Kristina Mullis

Community members and service providers gathered at a FLEACT Yokosuka Ikego Detachment focus group meeting Tuesday, Feb. 21, to address concerns and update residents on community resources. Below is an update for Ikego residents:

Ikego Elementary Update:

STEM Day is scheduled for Friday, Feb. 24 with more than 20 volunteers attending. Topics include zoology, firefighting technology, x-rays, engineering and more! Upcoming events in February and March include Dr. Seuss Week, career day and spring break (April 3 to 7).

FFSC Update:

The Fleet and Family Support Center is still offering expanded services through March 31. At this point, 21 people have used the extended services. Services will run through March 31, but the decision on continuing services after March 31 has not been decided.

Public Works Update:

Ikego’s annual firefly viewing event is tentatively set for June 1. It’s possible the date will change as it gets closer.

As a reminder, residents should please flatten all cardboard when recycling to avoid filling up the bins quickly.

Ikego’s Teen Center is still being discussed, but the project is currently on hold. Staffing is an issue, which has been affected by the hiring freeze. There is no timeline or official date of opening at this time.

NEX Update:

The goal is to increase vendors to the mini-mart, possibly up to twice a month. The main base store saw a successful LEGO Batman event with about 100 children, and they are hoping to bring the event to Ikego in conjunction with the NEX A-OK student reward program registration.

The NEX survey concerning Club Takemiya and other food options is an official survey available through March 15. All suggestions on food options will be taken to see what will best serve the community.

Housing Update:

The Nikko Heights playground construction should be finished around March 29. The new playground will not include a swing set.

All units (towers and townhomes) will be receiving new digital locks. If there are issues with being locked out or locks not working correctly, please call the housing office during normal business hours or security after business hours for assistance. All units will receive notices on when lock installation will occur.

The self-help office can issue carts/dollies to residents Monday through Thursday for return within 24 hours.

Housing is also looking into a possible coin system for the carts located at the towers to avoid problems with location and use.

MWR Update:

Youth sports will have a representative at the CDC in Ikego beginning March 1. Currently, parents can pay for youth sports at SAC, and online registration is available. For online registration, parents will need to contact the Youth Sports office to obtain login information.

Upcoming events include the Winterblast event set for Feb. 26 at the campgrounds. More events coming this year include a magic show, Easter egg hunt, possible concerts and more. There was concern on the number of conflicting community events, and MWR representatives said they would work with other areas (schools, etc.) to try and avoid a lot of conflicts in the future.

The community center in Ikego is looking to possibly expand gymnastics classes to Ikego. The process will begin with seeing if instructors are available, then looking for appropriate space, etc. Residents will be updated as the process progresses.

The Yokosuka library now permanently offers delivery services of up to 10 books/items to the Ikego community center for pick up. Online registration is required – please call the library for more information.

The fitness center now has WiFi and has seen a change of equipment to allow for additional space. Better air ventilation in the fitness center is being investigated. There are currently 13 group exercise classes offered at Ikego per week, with four of them being free.

Residents can reserve the bubble gym after hours – please contact the Ikego community center for reservation information.

Residents voiced concerns over the lack of activities and programming for children in between SAC and Teen Center age. CYP verified that children can use the SAC program until transitioning to the teen program in sixth grade.




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