Make a Plan: How to Save

When it comes to saving money, the sooner you start, the better.

Saving is not accomplished overnight. It is a process that happens gradually and grows over time. Just remember, “Start Small, Think Big.” Making ends meet can be a challenge.

In today’s tough economy; you may wonder how it is possible to spare anything for your savings. But any amount saved – a quarter, a dollar – is progress. Those quarters and dollars add up. As you get into the habit of routinely “paying into your savings,” you will see the money you are setting aside grow. Here are some practical tips to make your money work for you:

  • Five savings strategies: Not sure what you should be saving for? Get started with the top five savings strategies.
  • Savings tips: Discover 54 ways to cut back spending and save some cash.
  • Finding money to save: Find out how small amounts saved each month can equal large yearly savings.
  • Saving on a tight budget: Read the top ten tips for saving money when budgets are tight.
  • Saving at tax time: Receiving a refund this tax season? Learn how to use that money to pay down debt and save instead of buying something you might not really need. For no-cost financial counseling or education, contact your local Fleet and Family Support Center.

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