Parents Learn, Share about Resources for Children

CYP Parent Involvement Meeting

YOKOSUKA, Japan (April 27, 2016) – Parents participate in Fleet Activities (FLEACT) Yokosuka Child and Youth Programs’ parent involvement meeting. This quarterly meeting features resources from Child and Youth Programs and partner organizations across FLEACT. FLEACT Yokosuka provides, maintains, and operates base facilities and services in support of 7th Fleet’s forward-deployed naval forces, 83 tenant commands, and 24,000 military and civilian personnel. (Photo by Kristina Mullis/Released by FLEACT Yokosuka Public Affairs Office)

By Kristina Mullis

YOKOSUKA, Japan – Parents gathered to share and learn about resources offered for children at Fleet Activities (FLEACT) Yokosuka Child and Youth Programs’ parent involvement meeting on Wednesday, April 27.

The quarterly meeting featured representatives from Child and Youth Programs, as well as partner organizations including the Fleet and Family Support Center, the Yokosuka Enhanced Spouse Sponsorship (YESS) program, the Chapel of Hope, youth sports, homeschool groups, the Child Development Center and more.

Parent Camilla Wenke, a first time participant in the parent meeting, said she was most looking forward to the main presentation from, a free tutoring resource for military children kindergarten through 12th grade and active duty service members.

“As a parent of a rising high schooler and high schooler, I’d like to understand the ease of an online tutor and ways to encourage a teen to use it,” Wenke said. “I came to the meeting to understand the program better and what it offers.”

Pamela Brehm, director of’s military and federal programs, explained the resource and provided a demo for new users. Brehm said the resource offers tutors in many different subjects and allows students to get help as soon as they log on, or they can schedule times with their favorite tutors – from anywhere in the world.

“One thing about moving around so much is students not being able to keep their same great teachers,” Brehm said. “Our services can become a consistent piece of their lives.”

In addition to the online system, Brehm said offers an app, which can be used to send pictures of worksheets or problems students might be having.

School Liaison Officer Chris Dickson said participation in parent involvement meetings has been increasing in number of parents and partners. Dickson said he wants to create as many opportunities as possible for parents to be involved and to increase two-way information flow.

“Being a parent is hard,” Dickson said. “We want parents to be aware of resources and support available. By providing a tool like to be used at home, we can enhance that support to parents.”

FLEACT Yokosuka provides, maintains, and operates base facilities and services in support of 7th Fleet’s Forward-Deployed Naval Forces, 83 tenant commands and 24,000 Military and civilian personnel.



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