Appreciation for the Yearly Dedication: SRF-JRMC Celebrates Employee Recognition Day

By Ryo Isobe, FLEACT Yokosuka Public Affairs

(YOKOSUKA, Japan) – Ship Repair Facility and Japan Regional Maintenance Center (SRF-JRMC) Yokosuka employees enjoyed an opportunity to gather in a social setting during the Command’s annual Employee Recognition Day, Oct. 30, 2015.

SRF-JRMC Commanding Officer Capt. Garrett Farman, Deputy Commander Capt. Edward Katz, and Command Master Chief Alberto Lapid visited various function sites during the day’s events.  The Command Triad took this day as an opportunity to meet their employees face-to-face and express their personal appreciation for their hard work.

Farman also presented certificates to employees and acknowledged their continuous dedication to SRF-JRMC service.  This annual tradition ensures employees’ hard work and commitment to the command’s mission are recognized.

“I like to make rounds through the shops on Saturdays to see how our command conducts business, but this is an opportunity where I can see different sides of our employees unlike in their work environments,” said Farman.  “I always enjoy talking with them, but it’s special today.  Taking time to recognize the hard work of our employees in a relaxed setting is what this day is all about.  We want to show appreciation and respect for the work they do.  They deserve it.”

“Taking care of employees is one of the top priorities at our command,” said Katz.  “Indeed, there is nothing like this day when we can feel more intimate in the company of a really hard-working team.”

SRF-JRMC employees bond over food and bowling at Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka Bowling Alley during SRF-JRMC’s Employee Recognition Day.  (Photo by Ryo Isobe, FLEACT Yokosuka Public Affairs)

SRF-JRMC employees bond over food and bowling at Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka Bowling Alley during SRF-JRMC’s Employee Recognition Day. (Photo by Ryo Isobe, FLEACT Yokosuka Public Affairs)

Since SRF-JRMC is a large organization consisting over 2,500 employees, it is difficult to have a single event for everyone.  Instead, the offices and shops set up their events at various sites throughout Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka Naval Base.  Some groups held barbecue events at picnic tables, gazebos and turf fields; others ordered catering services to the Bowling Alley and Submarine Sanctuary.

By Berkey Field, the Hull, Mechanical and Electronics Fleet and Industrial Support Division (Code 280) were found celebrating at one of the many gazebos reserved by SRF-JRMC.  Their food consisted of hamburgers as well as yakitori (Japanese grilled chicken skewers), yakisoba (Japanese fried noodles),  and other Japanese dishes.

“I really acknowledge our chain of command’s thoughtfulness for us.  It is much appreciated,” said Mr. Shouji Kuriyama, a Code 280 Engineering Technician.  Kuriyama has worked for SRF-JRMC for 32 years and provides subject  matter expertise and fleet technical assistance to Ship’s Force.

“It is a good opportunity for our team members to have a mutual exchange of ideas, with or without work, which doesn’t happen every day,” said Miho Hayakawa, an Administrative Specialist from the same code.  “We have a great time over food and drinks.  It is a rare occasion.”  Hayakawa has been with the command for eight years, and she provides secretarial support and personnel affairs for Code 280.

SRF-JRMC provides ship maintenance and modernization for Commander, Naval Forces Pacific and U.S. Pacific Fleet using advanced industrial techniques while keeping the Seventh Fleet operationally ready.


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