Bravo Zulu

On Wednesday morning Sept. 23, I mailed home a package in preparation for my departure on Thursday Sept. 24. Around 5 p.m., I discovered that I had included my passport with the contacts in the package. I was in Japan without my passport and I was scheduled to go home the next day. It did not look good.

I went to the main gate and asked for them to contact the Post Office. They did contact someone working there after hours. I talked to them and they told me my package had been sent to Yokohama on the 1600 shipment. They also gave me the number for the Yokohama postal transfer station at Army North Dock in Yokohama.

I called the Yokohama transfer station and they took my information about my package and told me the truck had just arrived from Yokosuka. They said they would look for the package and get back to me. About 30 minutes later, I called and they had found my package. Things were looking better. They also told me that LS2 Hughes was headed back to Yokosuka and would bring my box. We would meet at the post office around 6:45 p.m.

I waited at the Post Office until 7 p.m. When I did not see anyone show up. I talked to the night crew and they called the Yokohama station. he found out LS2 Hughes was still in-route. In short order LS2 Hughes showed up with my box. They checked my ID and I was allowed to open my box. I got my passport back.

I would like to send a big thank you to every postal agent in that loop for helping me get my passport back. Please pass this on to their supervisor. They deserve some recognition. I would be up a creek without a paddle if any of them did not lend a hand to help.


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