Attention all hard-charging female enlisted Sailors

Submitted by the Enlisted Women in Submarines Task Force, Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay

20140716_Storm at sea_0102The Navy announced the selections of the first enlisted female submariners, June 22, 2015.  These selections marked a key milestone in the continued integration of women into the Submarine Force and the Navy was pleased to announce the beginning of the second round of selections of female Sailors for conversion to Submarine Force ratings via an August NAVADMIN (186/15).

This round of conversions will be for the selection of the initial group of Sailors to integrate the next submarine crews in 2017 in Kings Bay, Ga.

The Submarine Force is seeking high caliber female applicants from all ratings.  Sailors from all communities are eligible to apply for submarine service as part of this initiative.  Per the NAVADMIN, the Submarine Enlisted Community Manager (ECM) is accepting conversion applications for ranks E-1 through E-8.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please review the August NAVADMIN and submit a package.

For questions about the application process or about submarine service, contact the submarine non-nuclear ECM office:

  • Lt. Greg Mosley, 901-874-2081
  • Senior Chief Sonar Technician Submarines (SS) Joseph Hanley, 901-874-4367
  • Chief Yoeman (SS) Aaron Norton, 901-874-2819

Nuclear-trained Sailors may contact the nuclear ECM office:


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