Important Notice from HRO Yokosuka

Effective Oct. 6, 2014, Human Resources Office (HRO) will discontinue posting of Master Labor Contract (MLC)/Indirect Hire Authority (IHA) Vacancy Announcements (VAs) at the Japanese National (JN) Vacancy Announcement Bulletin Board, which is placed on the first floor of the building 1495 (Club Alliance building) at the main gate of the Yokosuka Navy Base.

From Oct. 6, 2014:

  • The Bulletin Board – Will be called as “HRO Bulletin Board” and will continue to post important notices, how to find JN vacancy information, how to apply, etc. basic information.
  • Job Application Forms – Will be continuously available for pick up from the “rack” by the bulletin board.
  • Job Application Drop Box – Will remain below the bulletin board and be continuously available for current employees to submit their job applications.
  • HRO Phone – Will remain on the wall and be continuously available for direct phone inquiries to HRO.

Please check the MLC/IHA Vacancy Information at the following web sites in future:

Posting all Navy MLC/IHA VAs (except for VAs with Area of Consideration (AOC) of current employees within the recruiting command).

Posting summarized Vacancy Information in Japanese for all USFJ vacancies opened to off base applicants.

For Current Employees:
If you do not have access to computer, please contact your command’s personnel liaison office to find where you can check the vacancy information within your command. For questions to HRO, please call 243-8152.

For Off Base Applicants:
Job Information review in hard copy and job application forms pick up are available at LMO/IAA Yokosuka, to whom off base applicants must submit their job applications. Please refer to the map of LMO/IAA Yokosuka in a separate sheet.

Murase-Bldg. 4F, 1-6 Yonegahama-dori, Yokosuka
Yokosuka Branch of LMO/IAA
Management #1 Section
Phone: (046) 828-6959
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. (Closed on Japanese Holidays).


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