SRF-JRMC Sasebo Detachment Information Technology Office strives to provide excellent service

Story by Keiichi Adachi, FLEACT Yokosuka Public Affairs

U.S. Naval Ship Repair Facility and Japan Regional Maintenance Center (SRF-JRMC) Sasebo Detachment keeps U.S. 7th Fleet operationally ready by providing the eight ships forward deployed to Sasebo with a variety of ship repairs, maintenance and modernization services, as well as Fleet Technical Assistance (FTA) for ships deployed to 7th Fleet.

By directly supporting SRF-JRMC military, civil service, and Master Labor Contract (MLC) employees with personal computer and IT peripheral service, local area network (LAN) maintenance, and innovative IT solutions in support of SRF-JRMC daily operations. The Information Technology (IT) office ensures SRF-JRMC Det. Sasebo has reliable IT tools that are essential to supporting 7th Fleet.

According to Brian Ashley, Sasebo Det. IT Office Director, the office offers employees the capability to perform research, conduct training, communicate efficiently, archive data, and access software – all of which have the purpose of providing the means and ability to complete work efficiently and on time, helping ensure employee job satisfaction.

“The key elements of maintaining a successful IT office are staying outside of the IT terminologies, as well as the people, processes, infrastructure and security,” said Ashley. “While working in a detachment with a small IT staff, it is very important to have a highly trained work force that can multi-task, and work as a team. Developing processes within and outside the code that are up-to-date, standard, assessable and easy to understand are a must in any organization.”

Ashley also mentioned that emerging trends and new technology occur frequently. An IT office must have the discipline to identify the needs of the organization and evaluate security impacts to ensure it stays within the bounds provided by the Department of Defense (DoD), while managing and maintaining the infrastructure that is in place.

“Having the skills and ability to protect data in an ever-growing cyber world is not only key to success, but also a DoD requirement and all hand’s responsibility to maintain the security posture for the command,” Ashley added.

According to Kouji Shimada, MLC employee and IT Specialist, one of the office’s biggest accomplishments this year was meeting the deadlines for the Windows 7 desktop and server upgrades, while also supporting a dry-docking selected restricted availability (DSRA) and preparing for a selected restricted availability (SRA).

“A tremendous amount of effort and work happened in the background, ensuring that the new operating system was compatible with SRF-JRMC applications along with print and data servers,” said Shimada. “Much of the SRF-JRMC Sasebo and Yokosuka’s IT staffs were dedicated to this project. However, without the support of the whole detachment during the deployment stage, we would not have accomplished so much in so little time.”

According to Shimada, the office is a small code with a huge responsibility. In comparison, it is one- seventh the size of its counterpart in Yokosuka, but with a quarter of the workload.

“The Sasebo Det. IT Office provides the means for communication, funding and supply for the wrench turner to keep the ships in 7th Fleet operationally ready,” said Ashley. “It allows for the capability to store, gather, and provide metrics to continue to improving the quality of work and time required for ship maintenance.”


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