League of Women Pass on Experience, Knowledge to GW Sailor

By Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Apprentice Oscar Albert Moreno Jr.

WATERS NEAR OKINAWA – The U.S. Navy’s forward-deployed aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN 73) hosted a League of Women leadership seminar, June 7.

League of Women seminars teach new Sailors valuable life lessons and allow senior personnel to give advice based on their naval experience.

“I believe that knowledge is power,” said Capt. Danelle Sadoski, Commander, Task Force 70, assistant chief of staff for communication, command, control, computers and intelligence. “Each Sailor, regardless of rank, has something to contribute. We can learn from each other’s personal experiences.”

After all introductions were made, the seminar turned its attention to Navy advancement and how it has changed.

“The Navy terminated some of the advancement points that were in place in the past,” said Senior Chief Navy Counselor Diana Galiza, George Washington’s career counselor. “Navy advancement tests have more in-rate knowledge questions and less professional military knowledge questions. This allows the Navy to advance Sailors who can perform their jobs efficiently”

The floor was opened for discussion on how to overcome daily obstacles in work environments, how new generation Sailors can avoid making recurring mistakes, and how to balance personal and military life.

“I feel there’s a need for first term Sailors to have guidance,” said Lt. Lauren Specht, George Washington’s physician assistant. “There are so many Sailors who come to their first duty station and get lost due to required qualifications and daily tasks. This seminar allows us to share knowledge and life experience to give Sailors a basis to make good decisions when they come across a similar scenario.”

After the meeting concluded, many Sailors continued to converse and reach out.

“It’s good to have someone to relate to and give you advice when you feel you don’t have someone to confide in,” said Logistics Specialist Seaman Kayla King, from Norfolk, Va. “Just from this initial meeting, I can see myself coming to more seminars.”


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