Yokosuka Middle School Principal Announced

From the Office of the Superintendent Official Japan District

The Japan District Superintendent’s Office is pleased to announce the selection of Nakeam Binyard as the new Principal of Yokosuka Middle School in Yokosuka, Japan.

Binyard began her educational career, 18 years ago, as a Pre Service Intern at Stephen Decatur School in Sigonilla, Italy.

Following her internship, Binyard returned stateside to pursue her teaching career in South Carolina, later relocating to Georgia. Ms. Binyard’s educational experience includes the following positions: a middle school English teacher, middle/high special education teacher, special education chairperson, middle/high guidance counselor, assistant principal, principal, and a District Student Services Coordinator.

Binyard earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education from Paine College and holds two master degrees: one in School Guidance Counseling from South Carolina State University, and one in Special Education from Armstrong Atlantic State University. Ms. Binyard received an Educational Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership, and currently, she is pursuing her doctorate in Educational Leadership from South Carolina State University. Ms. Binyard’ s dissertation is focused on teacher’s efficacy in middle schools, as it is aligned with the educator’s belief and actions that directs students’ achievement.

Binyard is excited about becoming Yokosuka Middle School’s new principal. Ms. Binyard is committed to collaborating with and supporting every area of the school and community. She says that her primary focus initially will be on developing collaborative relations with the students, teachers, staff and the community.

Binyard, her husband, and both their children are very eager to become active Mighty Dragons.

Binyard is honored and grateful for the opportunity to embrace the ongoing quest for excellence that already exists at the school.


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