U.S. Navy Provides Parking for Families of Fallen

Courtesy of FLEACT, Yokosuka, Fleet and Family Support Center

IMG_1558thCommander, Navy Installations (CNIC) has implemented a new program which designates parking spaces and base access for surviving family members of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Through a new Department of Defense effort, spouses, children, parents and siblings can register for the Gold Star Program. Those eligible should have received paperwork from the Navy. However, family members of fallen service members can also receive the paperwork to register for the program with the Department of the Navy’s Casualty Assistance Calls Officer (CACO) program at http://www.public.navy.mil/BUPERSNPC/SUPPORT/CASUALTY/CACO/Pages/default.aspx or download DD Form 3 and mail to the appropriate service branch. Once they’re signed up, they’ll be sent Gold Star lapel pins, according to CNIC.

Command Fleet Activities Yokosuka has already designated the GSF parking spaces. Eligible family members can pick up a Gold Star Sticker at the Fleet and Family Support center, located on the 4th floor of the community readiness center, with proof of Gold Star pin status to put on vehicle windows to park at the 4 available CFAY GSF spots

Designated spaces are located on base at USNH, Navy Exchange, Commissary/FFSC and Chapel.

In 1967, Congress established the Gold Star lapel pins to issue to immediate family members of service members killed in combat, including those who have committed suicide in theater. This includes service members from WWI to present. The Next of Kin pin signifies a service-related death or suicide during active duty other than combat. In 2010, Congress designated Dec. 18 as Gold Star Wives Day.

Though a seemingly small gesture, the sentiment is that of respect and honor and the Navy wishes to convey this through the immediate execution of the above mentioned services.

For further details please contact the Fleet and Family Support Center at 243-7732


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